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ProxyPlus released – auto fetch and configure proxy in specific country

Just released an ad-supported app – ProxyPlus Free. It’s based on my another app Proxy Manager, but enhanced to support more proxies and country selecting.

Set up a global proxy for android phone or tablet. ProxyPlus can also fetch a proxy in the specific country automatically in one click. This can work together with Market Unlocker as well.  Read more »


New Cloud Storage Service with 20GB Free Storage + 5GB for Every Referral – Android app needed? is a new cloud storage service similar to DropboxSugarSync, or SpiderOak. It is a pretty crowded market but Copy is entering it anyway. So what makes Copy stand out compared to the host of other cloud storage services available?

At this point is VERY similar to Dropbox. This is both good and bad. The good part is that Dropbox is very simple and easy to use – it just works. The not so good part is that they are not really providing a very unique service. However, considering that Dropbox only provides 2GB of free storage initially, Copy is definitely giving away a lot more storage (15GB) for free. Read more »


Market Unlocker 3.5.1 released

It’s a long time since google removed Market Unlocker from google play. Recently I’ve been reported that it does not work fine because google play was upgraded automatically and silently to detect IP address as well as carrier.

Users will have to configure and enable a proxy (USA proxy recommended) via which access google play beside enabling Market Unlocker.

For pro users in some countries, they found fetch USA proxy not working because the proxy index server was blocked in their region 🙁

Release notes

Version 3.3.7
1. Fix proxy fetching issue for pro users
2. Add update check feature since we cannot get update on google play any more.
3. Add more carriers

Version 3.3.8
1. Add reset google play. Enable Auto Unlock, Reset Google play and reboot phone. It will force initialize Google play again. It will sync up phone with the fake carrier to google server.

Version 3.3.10
1. Changed proxy validation to filter working proxies better. Some proxies are not working for google play, but other sites.

Version 3.3.11
1. Validate proxy one by one instead of multiple tasks at same time. It was causing problem on some phones.

Version 3.3.12
1. Save proxy in cache instead of fetching each time
2. Change proxy order before validating to prevent the same proxy is selected for too many users.
3. Add Taobao upgrade option for China users.

Version 3.4
1. Updated proxy function for specific phones to fix timeout/no connection error

Version 3.4.1
1. Fixed proxy validation issue

Version 3.5
1. add complete market list and search function
2. support fetch proxies in multiple countries (pro version)
3. improve proxy fetch function (pro version)
4. remove “Reset Google Play” which not supported in ART mode
5. remove “set custom market” function
6. integrate help and change log on About window

Version 3.5.1
* correct Cyprus flag
* force kill proxy daemon clearly
* force kill google play store on kikkat
* remove banner advertisements for clean UI
* add tip at enable proxy to avoid no connection issue

Find more details at
and FAQ at

If there’s any other feature request, please send me email ([email protected]). Thanks.




GDriveSync – sync folders from phone to google drive

Uploads photos, videos and everything automatically from your phone to Google Drive (GDrive) whenever you’re online. Easy to set up and for daily use.

* Manual and automatic sync
* Wifi only option
* multiple folders supported
* As simple to use as possible Read more »


App Sync – Keep your apps in-sync between all phones and tablets

App Sync let you run apps seamless on your various handsets (phones, tablets, and other android devices), because it can synchronize app data between handsets and cloud in 1-click or automatically,

Use scenarios:
* Stop running an app on one phone/tablet, and continue it from the same state on another one.
* Migrate app data between phones/tables
* Backup/Restore app data
* Work/play on same app with friends
Read more »


How to run Android apps on Windows computer

If you want to use android apps, the first thing you require is an android device. You need either an Android Phone or an Android tablet. If you don’t have either, you can still run android apps on your computer by running virtual android on your PC.
Bluestacks is one such app player that lets your run android apps on the latest version of Android operating system. If you want to try Android before you buy or want to sync apps between your Android device and your PC then Bluestacks could be a very useful tool for you. You can install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app, available in the Android market, to synchronize apps between your device and your PC. Read more »


4 Android apps you get paid to use

Most people don’t realize there are plenty of legit reward apps that will pay users for simply using their application. Interestingly, you can collect points with the tap of a button on your iPhone or Android smartphone and redeem those points for gift cards, discounts, cash and electronics such as tablets, mp3 players or headphones.

I mean, think about it. This kind of traction when it comes to rewarding users makes perfect sense, especially as smartphone adoption is growing at a rapid pace worldwide. This is a prime area for companies like Viggle, Shopkick, Checkpoints and App Trailers to grab the attention of people by cleverly implementing such a fun way to go out and shop. Read more »


Nexus 4 owners get 50GB free cloud storage

We know many of you are still waiting to get your shiny new LG Nexus 4, or already did and are sad about the 8 and 16GB storage limits, but don’t worry because we have good news. Remember that cloud storage deal where all LG and Sony devices get 50GB cloud storage absolutely free? Well the same awesome deal applies to the Nexus 4. Read more »


How To Record Voice Calls On Samsung Galaxy S3 Automatically

Some of Android device may have a voice recording app pre-installed and some may not. Samsung Galaxy S3 also not integrate with the voice recording features and can’t record a phone conversation.

There are lot of voice recording application in the Android market, but which is the best free and quality voice recording apps? If you go to Google Play Store and try to search “Voice Call Record”, then you will get lot of Voice Call record application. May be, almost all of the results search you get is free trial version of Voice Call Record application. Read more »


How to Manage WordPress Blog from your Android Phone

How can we manage wordpress blog on the android phone? There is a awesome app whih you can create, edit existing post and other usefull functions. Read more »