How to run Android apps on Windows computer

If you want to use android apps, the first thing you require is an android device. You need either an Android Phone or an Android tablet. If you don’t have either, you can still run android apps on your computer by running virtual android on your PC.
Bluestacks is one such app player that lets your run android apps on the latest version of Android operating system. If you want to try Android before you buy or want to sync apps between your Android device and your PC then Bluestacks could be a very useful tool for you. You can install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app, available in the Android market, to synchronize apps between your device and your PC.

BlueStacks runs in full-screen mode, but you can Alt-Tab and use other programs while it’s open. At the top of the screen there is tab that displays the top 25 apps. There are also various categories tabs, that lets you choose apps as per the desired category. At the bottom there is ‘settings’ option from where you can easily remove the apps.

BlueStacks acts as a virtual Samsung GT9000 tablet running Android 2.3. Apps and games run well on it, even more faster sometimes. Actually I can use it to test my developing apps. Cool!


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