How To Tether Galaxy Note 2 as Portable WiFi Hotspot

Tethering Samsung Android smartphones not is a big issues. All Samsung Galaxy smartphones build in tethering feature that allows sharing the internet connection with other devices such as laptop , smartphone and Tablet. Tethering Samsung Android smartphones is very simple and you can turn On the type of the tethering and set the WEB encryption to your hotspot Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GTN7100 has build in the tethering and portable hotspot function. So,without root Galaxy Note 2 and install any 3rd party tethering apps, you can fully surf the web on your laptop anywhere using your Galaxy Note 2 data plan. Here is step by step how to tether Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GTN7100 that running Android 4.1.1 N7100DXALI9 firmware as Wifi Hotspot and connect to laptop:

Step 1: Go To Galaxy Note 2 Settings>More settings> Tethering and portable hotspot.

Step 2: Press on the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot .

Step 3: Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot setting Page will prompt out. Now press on the “Configure” button.

Step 4: Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot setting page will prompt out. Now you can rename the network SSID and set the password. Then press the “Save” button.

Step 5: Now you can start the portable Wifi by press the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot button. That’s all tethering setting for your galaxy Note 2.

Step 6: Now, turn on your laptop Wifi. Then click connect to your Galaxy Note 2 “network SSID”, example my network SSID is “”.

Step 7: The Network Security key message will prompt out. Now, you enter the password that you have set into your Galaxy Note 2 for the tethering the Wi-Fi hotspot.



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