How to Enable Multiple Users on your Jelly Bean Device

With JellyBean, you can share the phone with friends, but keep private data  because it support multiple user accounts. Here’s how:

I. Before You Begin:
1. You must have rooted your device before doing this procedure.
2. You must be running on the Android Jelly Bean.

II. Downloading Required Files:
1. Download the Terminal Emulator App from here. (Google Play Link)

III. Enabling Multiple Users on your Jelly Bean Device:
1. Download and install the Terminal Emulator App on your device. The download link is provided above.

2. After the app is installed on your device, just open it up from the App Drawer.

3. Once the app has been launched, type in the following commands:
pm create-user test

4. The above commands will create a new user account on your device named test.

5. To change your profile to the newly created account, just press the Power button for a few seconds and you will see the Power menu.

6. Tap on the name of the new account you created, i.e, test, and you will be taken to the fresh homescreen for that particular user.

You can now add widgets to your homescreen, change wallpaper and do all the phone tasks. If you ever need to remove the second user account you created, just follow the following steps.

IV. Removing User Account on your Jelly Bean Device:
1. Launch the Terminal Emulator App from the Menu of your device.

2. Issue the following commands in the app:
pm remove-user 1

3. The second account will be deleted from your device.

You now have the ability to create multiple user accounts on your JB Device just like the Windows PCs.

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