Download Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Ringtones

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with, shall we say, an interesting of the ringtones. You can now download and set of these tones in any of the Android smartphones.

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Here is the 6 stock ringtones (ogg format) extract from galaxy s3:

02_Fog_on_the_water.ogg OGG File 380.7 KB
03_Rays_of_the_sun.ogg OGG File 543.9 KB
04_Blowing_dandelion_seeds.ogg OGG File 215.5 KB
06_Walk_on_the_seaside.ogg OGG File 519.6 KB
09_Underwater_world.ogg OGG File 258.2 KB
10_Mountain_temple.ogg OGG File 495.3 KB


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