Upgrade Market Unlocker free to pro using paypal payment

Would like to use excellent Market Unlocker without advertisements, and to use automatic proxy fetch? Buying Market Unlocker Pro with google checkout will be straightforward.

For people who cannot use google checkout, there’s another option to upgrade Market Unlocker to Pro version by using Market Unlocker donate app. It’s a freeware to help users to buy Pro with paypal payment.

Since Google does not allow other payment in Google Play Store, I have to remove Market Unlocker donate and publish it on my site.

Here is instruction:

  1. Download and install Market Unlocker free version (skip in case already installed)
  2. Download and install Market Unlocker Donate app (or Local link)
  3. Run Market Unlocker Donate and click “pay with Paypal” button

After paypal transaction has been completed successfully, below dialog will come up. Clicking OK button to launch Market Unlocker PRO now.

Launching donate app after upgraded, it will show no need to upgrade again.

Note: It’s definite safe to pay with payal. Your paypal account cannot be captured/recorded in donate app. It’s an in-built Paypal transaction interface that restrict controlled by Paypal only.

As an alternative, you may click below “Buy Now” to purchase a pro license on the web, and then Request New License using donate app on the phone.


(Go to paypal to complete the transaction)

After paypal transaction has been completed, please install donate app on phone, and click “Request New License”. 

For existed pro users, you can install donate app and request new license in case of license file missing.

== Update on March 11, 2013 ==
New upgrade method for China users.




Q:Can i still use pro version after re-install Market Unlocker?
A:Of course. License files “mu_lic.dat” and/or “mu_hwlic.dat” are stored in root folder of sdcard, most is /sdcard, for license check. Please make a backup of it. Restore it incase of any deletion.

Q:How can I find a new license if old one lost or not working?
A:Run donate and click “Request New License” to send out an email to author. And you will receive a new license.

There are 2 options to update new license.

Option A:
step 1: Copy license file mu_lic.dat to root folder of sdcard
step 2: Launch Donate app to check if license working

Option B:
step 1: Launch Donate app
Step 2: Click “Update license” and input license string

Donate app will generate 2 license files mu_lic.dat and mu_hwlic.dat on your sdcard root folder.  It’s highly recommended that make a backup somewhere in case of missing.

Caveat: turn on WiFI before launching Market Unlocker in case of any license verification fail or force close.

Download Market Unlocker Donate app
QR Code:

Looking for introduction and download location for Market Unlocker free and pro?  Here it is: http://support.evanhe.com/2012/03/08/introduction-to-market-unlocker-2/

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  1. so this means Market Unlocker’s failed return to Google Play and only way to buy is Paypal 🙁 what a pity…..>_<

  2. Introduction to Market Unlocker | Maximize Android Ability - pingback on May 21, 2012 at 5:12 am
  3. What if we purchased the full version in Play Store in the past? Do we have to buy again through PayPal? 😕

  4. I bought the pro version using the donate app, and it generated 2 files in my /sdcard. However, MU still shows ads and says it’s not the pro version…

  5. What happens if we bought the app from Google Play? Do we also apply in this donate app to get the license file?

  6. So I used the donation app to pay with paypal, payment sent and charged to my account but MU files are not generated and I have also no license code 👿

    That suck real bad

  7. Today I upgraded Market Unlocker.
    (But I didn’t received license yet)

    I have a two questions:

    1) If I change ROM I need new license files or I can use already received license stored in root directory?

    2) Can I use license for multiple devices?

  8. Hi,
    Is it possible to purchase a pro licence with another currency like EUR than USD ?
    It cost me 2 EUR of bank fee when I pay in USD.

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