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Launch app through adb shell

This is about how to launch android application from the adb shell.

Command: am
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How to Root HTC Incredible S

This is a temporary root solution with which you will be able to root your HTC Incredible S. Read more »


How to Root Samsung Sidekick 4G

Samsung Sidekick 4G was rooted within 2 hours of it’s release. The initial rooting methods were pretty complex requiring you to have Android SDK installed along with ample command over ADB. However there is now a simpler method available that let’s you root your Sidekick 4G with a single click. The all time famous One Click Root application now works with Sidekick 4G and gives you root in matter of seconds. Read more »


Translators wanted for Market Unlocker

Goging to publish localized version of Market Unlocker for all countries, at this point, you’re welcome to help translate this app from English to your native languages. A Market Unlocker pro license will be the reward. Read more »


How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android Phone is a very good alternative to the most selling Samsung Galaxy S mobile which was recently upgraded to Android 2.2.1 , Android 2.3.2 etc.

There are many advantages of rooting your device, one of which mainly is that you can easily capture screenshots.

Simple summary of rooting steps:
1. Unzip and execute SuperOneClick.exe
2. Connect phone to pc
3. Click “Root” button
4. Waiting complete dialog showing
5. Click “Yes” to test if root completed
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How To Root Dell Streak 7 with SuperOneClick

Dell Streak 7 is the new 7” Android tablet in town. It has been barely around for a few days and the XDA-Developers community has succeeded in rooting it already! If you have managed to get your hands on the tablet and can’t wait to get root access on it, read on for the complete guide.

The method is very straight forward and does not require installing any Dell Streak 7 specific drivers or software. It utilizes one of the most widely used universal Android rooting tools for several Android devices: SuperOneClick. The result is a rooted device without any hassle of a complicated procedure. This method was shared by us with XDA-Developers forum member jeremy215 who just tried rooting the device with SuperOneClick and succeeded.
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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

Procedure To Root Samsung Galaxy S2:

Points to be Noted Before Proceeding:
1. You may brick your phone, if the instructions will not follow carefully.
2. Warranty will be void by rooting the device but you can get it back by unrooting the phone.
3. Downloads all needed Tools/software.
4. Samsung Galaxy S2 should had updated to the latest firmware XWKDD.
5. Battery of the phone had charged properly atleast to the half level.
6. You may lost the device data, so make a backup of all the data like messages, call history, pictures etc before rooting process.
7. Save the APN Setting, it will be needed after the root process to surf the internet again.
8. The updated USB driver of device should be installed on system to communicate properly with the device.
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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 I727R LTE

Have you ever thought your favorite Samsung Galaxy S2 I727R LTE could play for you some extra features if you got it rooted ? Some of you might think its a rather complex job to achieve. Well its not ! Today I ‘ll show how you can make this happen just like A – B – C .

Disclaimer: We are not responsible in any manner if anything happens to your device as which is a very unlikely case if you follow each and every instruction carefully given in this article.
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Access Amazon AppStore outside US & Get Free Apps Daily

Amazon AppStore is the competitor of Android Market and provides a free app giveaway daily.

Amazon AppStore first spotted in US where it is offering one paid app for free download, everyone was overjoyed and users looked to sign up with Amazon AppStore using US address. For United States users there is no hitch on using the Amazon AppStore, it works perfectly fine and they are enjoying one free paid app daily. Now users around the world shouldn’t be panic and look for alternatives of cracking Amazon AppStore who likes outside United States.
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How to root HTC Thundebolt with android 2.3.4

Basically, there is now a Root method that eliminates large download files, and pretty much any real problems. Usual disclaimer (you’re responsible for your own actions) applies.

This is, LITERALLY, less than a 5 minute process, assuming you have all the files/preliminary stuff done first. Having to do “all” the preliminary should take you another couple minutes, at most… This is THAT simple!
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