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How To Tether Galaxy Note 2 as Portable WiFi Hotspot

Tethering Samsung Android smartphones not is a big issues. All Samsung Galaxy smartphones build in tethering feature that allows sharing the internet connection with other devices such as laptop , smartphone and Tablet. Tethering Samsung Android smartphones is very simple and you can turn On the type of the tethering and set the WEB encryption to your hotspot Wi-Fi. Read more »


How to Tether Galaxy S3 As A WiFi Hotspot

Galaxy S3 can share its internet connection with your laptop, which means you can connect your Galaxy S3 to the Internet in any location where your phone can get a data signal from your carrier. So, Tethering is one to one (you connect a phone to a laptop), and the laptop must have the right drivers to make it work.

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To set up tethering (Internet sharing) on your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Go To Galaxy S3 “Settings” ,then “More settings”.

Step 2: Now your are on the Wireless and Networks Menu. So,chose the “Tethering and portable hotspot”

Step 3: Enable “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot function”.

Step 4:Setup your network name- network SSID ( any) and network key to only you or authorized person for access- Password (any). The security on your Wi-Fi is provided by providing the password using the WPA2 PSK security.

Step 5:Click save.

Step 6: Open your PC or laptop Wi-Fi, then search your Galaxy s3 network SSID which you have setup, then enter the password. Now your PC or laptop can connect to internet.