Market Unlocker – system tools

Unlimited access to paid apps in Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Popular apps with 500K installs in 3 months, however was removed by google play in May, 2012
Details at

EzReader – ebook reader

Clean, Silent and Fast ebook reader! No advertisements, no network access permission, no sms permission, no call permission, no system account permission, …, all functions have are reading needed.  Details to be updated soon.

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Call Confirmer – call tools

Pressed call by a mistake when phone is in pocket? No, we need confirm it, otherwise it should be ignored properly. Details to be updated soon.

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Fantastic Balls – casual game

Link up 7 balls together in the slots to win the big bonus. It’s easy to play but challenging. Details to be updated soon.

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Proxy Manager – system tool

Enable unlimited network access via proxy in one minutes. It will help get a working USA proxy and set it automatically at any time. Details at

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Dropbox Uploader – backup tools

Backup pictures/videos/files from phone to dropbox automatically. This is one way backup, files will not lost even if local files have been deleted. You can backup different folders easily, no need to install dropbox client.

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Notification History – system tools

Notification History can record all notifications so that you can easily track who pushed unwanted message. Details at

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App Sync – system toos

App Sync let you run apps seamless on your various handsets (phones, tablets, and other android devices), because it can synchronize app data between handsets and cloud in 1-click or automatically. Details at

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GDriveSync – system toos

Uploads photos, videos and everything automatically from your phone to Google Drive (GDrive) whenever you’re online. Easy to set up and for daily use.. Details at

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ProxyPlus – system toos

Set up a global proxy for android phone or tablet. ProxyPlus can also fetch a proxy in the specific country automatically in one click. This can work together with Market Unlocker as well. Details at

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AppReminder – system toos

72App is killing your time and need some tool to schedule it productively? AppReminder can help set up a time-up for each app and you will get notified automatically after specific time. Details at:

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Market & Carrier Code – system toos

72This app contains the complete list of mobile phone operators with country information. And it detects current phone operator as well. Details at:

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DropboxSync – backup toos

72Keep your phone/tablet and your Dropbox in sync at all times. Safe, Stable, battery efficient and full two-way sync for Dropbox. It can be used to backup and restore files for your phone. Easy to set up for daily use. Details at:

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  1. This application looks awesome, but it doesn’t seem to work on Jelly Bean. I have activated the service, but it still doesn’t record any notifications. Is there anything else I could try? If not, is there any chance you could get it to work on Jelly Bean? Thanks!!

  2. Hi,

    I have the pro version of the app… but i can`t find a way to save the notifications in a file (accesible file on SD-CARD). I want to parse the file to trigger some events. I have a rooted android and already tried to do a symlink to /data/data/com.evanhe.nh/databases/notificationDB but is not working. Can you please advice me how can i get the notifications appended in a simple .txt file on sd-card? Best regards

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