How to run bactrack 5 on Galaxy S2


1. Rooted Android Device with Busybox Installed. Read this tutorial

2. Download some apps from Android Market like Android Terminal Emulator and androidVNC.

3. 7zip (for PC), for extracting the files around 3.3 GB free on internal sdcard (/sdcard/)
4. Download Backtrack from here.

File Setup:

You need to do this only once,

1. Download the files from the links provided in this thread.
2. Extract the files using 7zip to a temporary folder (needs 3.3GB free on that drive)
3. Connect your SGS2 to PC and mount USB storage.
4. Create a folder named ‘bt’ (without quotes) in the root of your sdcard and copy the bt.img in that folder.
5. Also place the file in root of sdcard, this file has to be flashed via recovery.
6. Once you verify that the above is correct then un-mount usb storage.
7. Reboot into recovery and flash the file stored in root of sdcard (or if you are using 4 app then just select the file for flashing and the app will do the rest)
8. once ur phone reboots into OS just check the /sdcard/bt folder.
9. Final directory structure should look like this:
/sdcard/bt/bt /sdcard/bt/bt.img /sdcard/bt/ /sdcard/bt/startbt /sdcard/bt/stopbt
10. Once you verify that the above is correct then you can proceed.

Launch BackTrack 5:


1. Start Terminal Emulator app on your SGS2 and enter the following commands step by step (accept/allow any SuperUser request/popup that you may receive)

2. Now you are in BackTrack5 shell.

3. To launch GUI (vncserver) enter the command ui.


now note the number N shown localhost:N
e.g. as u can see from the above image that “New ‘X’ desktop is localhost:1”, so N=1
the vncserver is running at (5900 + N, N=1 ; so server port is 5901)

4. Now launch androidVNC app on phone and fill in the detials as follows:
Nick : bt
Address :
Port : 5901
Password : 12345678
Username : <leave it blank>
Color Format : 24-bit color (4 bpp)

Inside vnc window select input mode (i personally recommend the following)
TouchPad (here your screen works like a big touchpad use it to navigate mouse.)

5. Then press connect, now you are in BackTrack GUI!

6.if you want to exit/close BT5 then u need to follow these steps:

close the androidVNC app (Menu > Disconnect)
Go back into Terminal Emulator app and enter the following commands
you should be at this shell root@localhost:~#

now you will get back to this shell> #
now enter the following commands to stop bt and exit

you can now exit the Terminal Emulator app
i would also recommend that u reboot your android phone.


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