Market Unlocker 3.5.1 released

It’s a long time since google removed Market Unlocker from google play. Recently I’ve been reported that it does not work fine because google play was upgraded automatically and silently to detect IP address as well as carrier.

Users will have to configure and enable a proxy (USA proxy recommended) via which access google play beside enabling Market Unlocker.

For pro users in some countries, they found fetch USA proxy not working because the proxy index server was blocked in their region 🙁

Release notes

Version 3.3.7
1. Fix proxy fetching issue for pro users
2. Add update check feature since we cannot get update on google play any more.
3. Add more carriers

Version 3.3.8
1. Add reset google play. Enable Auto Unlock, Reset Google play and reboot phone. It will force initialize Google play again. It will sync up phone with the fake carrier to google server.

Version 3.3.10
1. Changed proxy validation to filter working proxies better. Some proxies are not working for google play, but other sites.

Version 3.3.11
1. Validate proxy one by one instead of multiple tasks at same time. It was causing problem on some phones.

Version 3.3.12
1. Save proxy in cache instead of fetching each time
2. Change proxy order before validating to prevent the same proxy is selected for too many users.
3. Add Taobao upgrade option for China users.

Version 3.4
1. Updated proxy function for specific phones to fix timeout/no connection error

Version 3.4.1
1. Fixed proxy validation issue

Version 3.5
1. add complete market list and search function
2. support fetch proxies in multiple countries (pro version)
3. improve proxy fetch function (pro version)
4. remove “Reset Google Play” which not supported in ART mode
5. remove “set custom market” function
6. integrate help and change log on About window

Version 3.5.1
* correct Cyprus flag
* force kill proxy daemon clearly
* force kill google play store on kikkat
* remove banner advertisements for clean UI
* add tip at enable proxy to avoid no connection issue

Find more details at
and FAQ at

If there’s any other feature request, please send me email ([email protected]). Thanks.



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  4. thinx and i buy the new paid V but proxy not working ..and i whit the new V …

    • You may try another proxy by re-fetch proxy, or reboot phone. Google rejects refuses some proxies and also it may cache the no-connection error. And if still not working, please send me email directly. Thanks.

  5. It would be great to add the modify date to every update.


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