How To Record Voice Calls On Samsung Galaxy S3 Automatically

Some of Android device may have a voice recording app pre-installed and some may not. Samsung Galaxy S3 also not integrate with the voice recording features and can’t record a phone conversation.

There are lot of voice recording application in the Android market, but which is the best free and quality voice recording apps? If you go to Google Play Store and try to search “Voice Call Record”, then you will get lot of Voice Call record application. May be, almost all of the results search you get is free trial version of Voice Call Record application.

Today, i will share with you the best voice call application for your Galaxy S3. Call Spy is a (full) free version and one of the best voice recorders application on the Google Play Store. Call Spy voice recorder doesn’t limits the amount of  data recorded and most important it will automatically record all you calls and convert to MP3 format. In addition, Call Spy application can work in background and record every incoming and outgoing voice call. All recordings are made using build-in microphone and It does not record from phone line directly. The Voice Call will be recorded and automatically list with all info you need such as time ,date, and phones number.

That is easy and simple to use! Why not use this Freeware, No ads, No Hidden Fees and Quality Voice Call Record application?

Just Download from Google Play Store (Link), install and use Call Spy.


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