How to Manage WordPress Blog from your Android Phone

How can we manage wordpress blog on the android phone? There is a awesome app whih you can create, edit existing post and other usefull functions. .

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have a WordPress powered blog.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the WordPress app from Google Play Store .

III. Configuring WordPress Blog:

1. Open the WordPress Admin Panel by going to Replace with your own domain name.

2. Navigate to Settings followed by Writing.

3. Tick-mark the box labeled Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.

You have successfully configured your WordPress blog to work with the app. Now, move on to the following procedure to configure the app.

IV. Configuring WordPress App:

1. Open the Menu on your phone and launch the WordPress app.

2. Choose Add self-hosted WordPress blog from the main menu.

3. Enter your WordPress blog details and tap the Save button. You’ve to enter your blog URL, username and pas

4. You will see the following screen from where you can manage your blog.

Using this app, you can Add New Posts, Pages, Upload Photos and Videos, Edit Existing Posts and change the WordPress settings as well. You can also view the stats of your blog using the Stats option.

It’s really a handy app that you can carry with your Android smartphone to manage your WP blog from anywhere in the world.


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