Notification History – figure out which android app was sending you ads

Notification History can record all notifications so that you can easily track who pushed unwanted message. This can be used to:
1. Find out which app pushed annoying statusbar advertisement, and uninstall it.
2. Collect messages sent by apps and read them later
3. Backup and share notifications

* Collect notifications on status bar and group by apps
* Save notifications
* Clear notifications
* Uninstall apps sending annoying notifications directly

* To start collecting notifications, go to system Settings->Accessibility, then enable accessibility and Notifications History service
* To stop the collecting, just disable accessibility and Notifications History service




Download app on Google play: Notification History

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  1. Quick Question, for the free version. It is collecting info, and appears to be stopping notification(s)(some not all) which is great ! Is this the intended affect? Also what is the difference in the Pro version, as far as abilities to stop notifications as well gather history.

  2. I have been using the free version of Notifications for a year, and I just upgraded to PRO. However the prior history file didn’t transfer to the PRO version which has installed as a new separate app on my Nexus phone. How can I transfer the existing history file between the two versions?

    Thanks for helping me out. Great app, and very useful.


  3. Good day. I am a paid user of NHP ( ).

    I have been seeing some weirdness in the logs when I have NHP enabled in Accessibility.

    I am on a Rooted SHP-L710 running SlimKat 4.4.3 ( ). The ROM is a stable/mature and AOSP based.

    I’ve put a couple short log dumps here:

    NHP disabled in Accessibility:

    NHP enabled in Accessibility:

    As you can likely see, it presents that the logs are getting spammed with NPEs whenever NHP is enabled in the accessibility services.

    Can you please take a peek and advise if this is something that I can resolve myself, if this is something is needs to be resolved by the ROM Dev Tea, by yourself, or is expected behavior.

    Thank you, in advance.

    Tod -dot- Wulff -at- geemale.kom

  4. Notification History is nice program, thanks for putting it together. I don’t see YAHOO MAIL notifications being captured. Is this a known limitation?

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