Root the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This program contains all the files you need to unlock and root your device, or flash it back to stock and re-lock it. You can also use this program to backup all your user apps, system apps, and app data, and easily restore them later in one click; you can flash or boot any img files you wan,t to any partition on your device; as well as flash any current or future stock android release, making updating your device as easy as can be; and now with the latest release (v1.3) you can install the drivers automatically.

Before You Begin:

  • Download the tool
  • This will erase all data on your device so please make sure to back everything up before beginning.
  • This program only works for Windows.


  • Do not plug in your device until this program prompts you too!
  • Install the program by double clicking the GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe
  • This will extract the contents to %HOMEDRIVE%\Wugs_GnexRootToolkit
  • Place a shortcuts on your Desktop
  • Launch the program for first use
  • Use the “Drivers” option to make sure all your drivers get configured properly.
    • This is a crucial step. Nothing else will work otherwise, so make sure your drivers are properly configured before you try doing anything else with this program.
    • Follow the onscreen driver instructions carefully and you should have no problems.
  • Use the “Backup Apps + Data” if you want to preserve your apps and settings for restoration after you unlock and root.
  • Then use the “Unlock” to unlock and the “Root” to root… Tada! Enjoy your unlocked and rooted device. ^_^
  • Then whenever you need to go back to square one just use the “Flash stock + Unroot” and “OEMlock” features.
    • Remember that this option can also be used if you completely brick.
    • This should bring you back to a fully locked stock factory state.
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