Sync Facebook Contacts with Android

Android is not limited to anything in your digital world. If you start thinking creative even sky is not the limit in android. It gives all the possible options to customize everything in your android device. Today I came with an another interesting to sync all the Facebook contacts with your android phone. Instead of manually entering all your contacts just sync with Facebook to import contacts of your friends. Surely it will reduce half the work in typing your contacts.


You can do this sync process by using the official Facebook for android. If you don’t have Facebook app download the app from android market. Follow the steps below to sync contacts from Facebook to Android using the Facebook application.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android Contacts ?

1. Open the application Facebook for android and register your Facebook account with the app.

2. Enter into your Facebook account and tap menu option in your android phone.

3. Tap settings from menu and scroll down the screen to view list of options as shown below.

4. Tap on sync options to copy the existing contacts in your android phone.

5. If you tap sync contacts,  you have three more options before you.

6. Tap sync all to import contacts, photos you tagged, your albums, etc.

7. Sync with existing contacts to import your friend’s contact from Facebook.

8. You can select remove Facebook data to clear all the Facebook sync with your android mobile.


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