Access Amazon AppStore outside US & Get Free Apps Daily

Amazon AppStore is the competitor of Android Market and provides a free app giveaway daily.

Amazon AppStore first spotted in US where it is offering one paid app for free download, everyone was overjoyed and users looked to sign up with Amazon AppStore using US address. For United States users there is no hitch on using the Amazon AppStore, it works perfectly fine and they are enjoying one free paid app daily. Now users around the world shouldn’t be panic and look for alternatives of cracking Amazon AppStore who likes outside United States.

People that live outside the US (like me) might like to know how to make it work on their phone.
1. Get a US billing adress and creditcard. If you don’t have that you should generate the info from a site like this: Fake Name Generator. Keep in mind though that you won’t be able to buy anything with it, but you can download the free apps of the day.

[Update] Just verified with two new created amazon user accounts. It looks like many people are generating fake credit cards and bill address using that caused it be blocked by Amazon. But when I generate credit card with another tool, it works fine. I will publish thi tool to Market Unlocker Pro users. Drop me an email if you need a fake credit card and billing address.
[Update again] So many free version users requested for this, nearly fulfill my mail box 🙂 Please download the tool here

2. Set up a new account with that info on   If it complains that you’re not from that region, which it will likely do, use a proxy in browser to make it work.

3. Download the app from
To download this app you need to visit this link – from your mobile’s browser which will directly start downloading the application’s apk file onto your phone. Next the application would be installed onto your phone.

4. Log in with your new account
You will have to signin to your Amazon account if you already have. follow this once you have logged into your account you can find all the apps listed in a very good interface.

5. Open Market Unlocker and goto Proxy tab
a. Check “Involve Amazon Appstore”
b. Click “Fetch USA Proxy (pro version) if you’re using pro version, or set up an USA proxy manually.
c. Check “Enable Proxy” to ON, a notification will display on status bar saying proxy is running.

6. Re-open Amazon appstore and enjoy your free apps!!!!

You can click on the ‘Paid app a day’ free option and then download / install the listed application for free of cost. You need to tap on the ‘FREE’ button for this and following this it would be purchased / verified and downloaded to your device for free.


If you are still unable to get daily free of paid app download, you can set proxy in your browser and download it from web. After successfully authenticated, it will be pushed to phone automatically.

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  1. Amazon AppStore seems have changed the mechanism and cannot download any apps from outside USA now…

  2. I have a pro version. Would you please give me one?

  3. I have a pro version. Would you please give me one too? 😛

  4. Me too please thanks

  5. PS I have pro version

  6. Hi! I havo pro version, can you send me too?

  7. Me too.. thanks 🙂

  8. Pro version too.

  9. Hi I also a Pro user, can you send me too ?

  10. Hi i am pro user,can u send me one too?thx.

  11. Hi I also a Pro user, can you send me too ?

  12. Could i get some registration info? Pro version user

  13. Pro user here, may i have the info?

  14. too me plz … thanks 😉

  15. I have the pro version as well but can’t get this to work with the amazon appstore.

    • If you have a real/working usa credit card and also living in usa, you do not need the app.

      Otherwise you can download paid app (daily) for free using fake card and the app.

  16. Hi evanhe,

    i am a paid pro user too, i need that thing too, please.

    Thanks a lot …

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  18. Hi,i am a paid user, can i have the registration info?
    Thanks a lot …

  19. New Android app – Proxy Manager | Maximize Android Ability - pingback on May 16, 2012 at 1:54 am
  20. Pro user here, may i have the info?Sent by mail.

  21. @evanhe can you send me a email too(fake address and credit card tool) and do you know how access Google books globally? ❓

  22. Hi evan, could you please send me a valid credit card info? And the corresponding address, please. My account for pro version is, (.AT. for @). Thank you.

  23. Could I get the credit card tool too? Can’t download via files in. I had an account for a year now but a few days ago I kept getting the not available in your region error. However, I can still purchase kindle books that are not in my region with my account. It is weird. I hope changing the address and cc will make everything work again. Thanks.

  24. 😥
    Why I cannot find the option “Involve Amazon Appstore” in proxy tab?
    I use Google Nexus 4 with android 4.2.2, but I modified the bulid version in “build.prop” to avoid be updated to 4.3.

  25. I have pro version, can you send me an email ? Thanks

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