Purchase paid apps in Android Market

Able to show paid apps with Market Unlocker, but unable to purchase? The root cause is Market client on phone does not sync up billing data to backend server properly.

To resolve this, we need additional steps to force market sync up. Here the steps:
1. Switch phone to flight mode
2. Enable Market Unlocker and Auto Unlock option (make sure the app is installed in internal storage instead of sdcard)
3. Got to system Setting => Applications => Manage applications => All => Market
Clear data
4. Reboote phone
…make sure wifi/3G is turned on…

4.1 (Inserted on Feb 22nd 2013). Configure and enable proxy after market unlocker has been enabled automatically. Recently google play was updated which detect user ip address as well as carrier. It’s similar to Amazon appstore. Please enable proxy.

5. Wait google gmail sync up completed. You can check gtalk status as well.
6. Open Android Market. and it should be able to purchase now.

It might take a few hours to take effect on some phones depending on the installed android system. So you might put it there and see if it works tommorrow.

Still failing? You may try revert Google Play/Android Market to older version (say 2.x), and do the above steps. It will must work. And you can buy apps what you want.

After able to puchase (failed again? impossible), upgrade to the latest version of Google Play Store if you like the new markets.

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  1. Como acessar o Android Market de outro país - pingback on February 8, 2012 at 9:43 pm
  2. can’t purchase paid apps from China byy those proxy. can I have one pro ver. please?

  3. Hi Evanhe!

    I’ve been trying to find a link for your Market Unlocker application. I searched for it on Google Play and I can’t seem to find it there. Also, the link provided on the Lifehacker cannot be found (the Lifehacker site: http://lifehacker.com/5883293/market-unlocker-makes-location-restricted-market-and-amazon-apps-available-to-uses-in-any-country).

    I’m not sure if Google has already blocked your application… But, would you mind sending me the apk (free version)? Also, how much is your pro version? I’m planning on purchasing it in the near future.. Thanks!

  4. The app is not dead, but I’ve got termniated again. I’m trying to set up new publisher for you.

  5. 还没下载呢。。

  6. It says. I need to add my credit card info for purchase, but i NEVER want to add my credit card info. How can i do???

  7. The unlocker worked fine until yesterday, then I can’t see any paid app again, maybe google had changed something, pls fix this.

  8. Hi Evanhe,

    Any chance you maybe updating Market Unlocker? It has stopped working for a couple days now for everyone. Google must have changed some stuffs on their side. Thanks.

  9. Seems google’s updated something to detect purchasing recently,
    Does Market Unlocker still work right now? Or the Pro version work?

    If yes, I should buy a pro version.

  10. .01st, FYI, I got the market unlocker from “apkmania.co”. Sir Evanhe, I do have some questions because I can’t seem to make the app work. I’m from the Philippines, BTW.

    1. How do exactly/properly configure/enable the proxy? (That is in terms of what code or number to put to which category)

    2. I had installed a modded google play, as a pre-requisite for playing a paid game for free, would it matter? Do I have to uninstall it?

    Hoping for.your.reply, thanks…

    • 1. proxy – in case you configure it by manual, proxy host’s format would be something like “”, and proxy port “8080”. You need find a working proxy first. For pro user, just click ‘fetch usa proxy’ to get a proxy configured automatically. And then enable proxy.

      2. No need to uninstall google play.

  11. Hello i want to use this app in albania but when i want to select market it says “configure market [null(null)] failed : handset is not rooted ”
    what should i do to fix this ?
    Android 4.0

  12. SPHS on Hsdroid
    OS version : Android 4.0

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