Upgrade Market Unlocker free to pro using paypal payment

Would like to use excellent Market Unlocker without advertisements, and to use automatic proxy fetch? Buying Market Unlocker Pro with google checkout will be straightforward.

For people who cannot use google checkout, there’s another option to upgrade Market Unlocker to Pro version by using Market Unlocker donate app. It’s a freeware to help users to buy Pro with paypal payment. Read more »


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Questions & Answers for Market Unlocker

I find there’s very limited space in android market to help users get all questions clarified. So I moved it to my blog. Please let me if any questions not listed here. Read more »


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Introduction to Market Unlocker

Market Unlocker is an Android app which lets you access paid or restricted apps in Google Play Store (previously Android Market) and Amazon Appstore in one click. It’s safe, stable, simple and free.

For some apps are just enabled for some specific countries and not available to the other countries,so it is very difficult to download many high quality software. Market Unlocker lets you access paid apps from countries where paid apps are not yet available. Read more »


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Access Amazon AppStore outside US & Get Free Apps Daily

Amazon AppStore is the competitor of Android Market and provides a free app giveaway daily.

Amazon AppStore first spotted in US where it is offering one paid app for free download, everyone was overjoyed and users looked to sign up with Amazon AppStore using US address. For United States users there is no hitch on using the Amazon AppStore, it works perfectly fine and they are enjoying one free paid app daily. Now users around the world shouldn’t be panic and look for alternatives of cracking Amazon AppStore who likes outside United States.
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Purchase paid apps in Android Market

Able to show paid apps with Market Unlocker, but unable to purchase? The root cause is Market client on phone does not sync up billing data to backend server properly.

To resolve this, we need additional steps to force market sync up. Here the steps:
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DropboxSync – two way sync between phones and dropbox

I ever published a similar tool – dropbox uploader which perform one way sync for backup purpose. And thanks many users for valuable feedback, it’s time to roll out a complete sync tool for dropbox with two way sync – DropboxSync.

Keep your phone/tablet and your Dropbox in sync at all times. Safe, Stable, battery efficient and full two-way sync for Dropbox. It can be used to backup and restore files for your phone. Easy to set up for daily use.

★ Full two-way sync. Just like Dropbox on desktop
★ Flexible options when files changes on both phones and Dropbox. Configure to Upload local, download remote or just skip them.
★ Very efficient, consumes almost no battery if there is no change detected and will not slow down your phone either
★ Very easy to set up. Once set up files will be kept in sync without any effort from users
★ Works reliably under ever changing network conditions on your phone
★ Configurable autosync interval: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour,…
★ Many sync modes. Not only two-way, you can also choose Upload only, Download only, … Read more »


New app – Market & Carrier Code (custom code for Market Unlocker)

Not finding expected market code on Market Unlocker, you’ll have to configure a customized code on it. Here is a complete list of market code you can use.

A mobile network code (MNC) is used in combination with a mobile country code (MCC) (also known as a “MCC / MNC tuple”) to uniquely identify a mobile phone operator/carrier using the GSM/LTE, CDMA, iDEN, TETRA and UMTS public land mobile networks and some satellite mobile networks.

This app contains the complete list of mobile phone operators with country information. And it detects current phone operator as well.

* Collect all of mobile phone operators in the world based on wikimedia
* Search by country name or market code
* Detect current operator on phone

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How to root Nexus 4 on Android 4.4.2

Today Google rolled out 4.4.2 to Nexus 4. It brings a few minor changes such as camera but kills root after upgrade. However we can easily root it back.

Required tools or files:

TWRP recovery
SuperSu 1.80 Read more »


How to rooting ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T 4.2.1


  • Go to setting, under system click on “Developer Options” and make sure you have checked the “USB debugging”. If you don’t have a “developer option”, click on “About Tablet” and where it says “Build Number”, click on it until it says “Congratulations now you are a developer”. It should about 5~10 times. After that you should be able to see the “Developer Options”.
  • Next, under “Personal” click the tab that says “Security” and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Once done with this, connect your tablet to you computer. Read more »

App Reminder – App is killing too much time? It helps.

My 6 years old son was asking me if the time is up while he was playing favorite games, because he only has 30 minutes for that :-) And when I read ebooks, which is always killing me too much time. It will be much better if someone can notify me the play time. That’s the intent of this app – App Reminder.

Set up a time-up for each app and get notified automatically. It does not do anything else. Read more »


Android game Animal Link – Connect 2 same cards to destroy them

Animal Link is a classic link game with new features and effects. Catch two card by linking them with less than 3 lines. With 60 levels and two different modes: classic and crazy. Link them all and have fun!

main Read more »


How to Use Simultaneously Wifi and Mobile Data for Faster Download

if you are just not satisfied with the internet speed you are getting from your service provider and do you want feed up of your WiFi/3g/4g connectivity? As a human mentality, we always need more and more and the bandwidth we are getting from service providers is no exception to it. Some or the other day, you might have thought of using Wifi and mobile data simultaneously. Isn’t it? Probably Yes. As you know, generally it’s not possible because as soon as you turn on your WiFi connection, your mobile data got disabled. Read more »


Run Multiple Accounts of Whatsapp on Android

Although everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but if you are a dual SIM Android user, you might be willing to enjoy two different WhatsApp account for your two different numbers on your Android. Read more »


How to run bactrack 5 on Galaxy S2


1. Rooted Android Device with Busybox Installed. Read this tutorial

2. Download some apps from Android Market like Android Terminal Emulator and androidVNC.

3. 7zip (for PC), for extracting the files around 3.3 GB free on internal sdcard (/sdcard/)
4. Download Backtrack from here.
http://www.mediafire.com/?f9gk3p3t9wip5 Read more »


Installing BusyBox on Non-rooted Android Devices

If you have a rooted android phone and utilizing it to the fullest, then in all probability your device is generation before non-rooted android device. As a matter of reality, majority of android users are having non-rooted device and positively this snatch the chance to use BusyBox on your android device. BusyBox allows you to more additional linux commandson on your android devices. Busybox provides many unix tools in a single file. It runs during a type of POSIX environments like UNIX (including Android), FreeBSD and others, like kernels, though several of the tools it provides square measure designed to figure with interfaces provided by the UNIX kernel..!
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